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European Integration Office

European Integration Office has been established within the Office of the Prime Minister of Montenegro in order to increase the level of commitment and coordination of all participants in the negotiation process. Aleksandar Drljević has been appointed as Chief Negotiator for the accession of Montenegro to the European Union.

European Integration Office manages and coordinates the stabilization and association process and Montenegro’s accession to the EU, primarily through coordinating and monitoring the work of joint bodies established by the Stabilization and Association Agreement. This entails the establishment of bodies that coordinate the negotiations process and the participation in their work, participation in meetings of Intergovernmental Conferences on Montenegro`s accession to the EU and the preparation of strategic documents related to the European integration process.

In the area of EU accession negotiations, the Office coordinates activities related to the cooperation of ministries, state organisations and institutions of Montenegro with the EU institutions and bodies, EU member states, candidate countries and potential candidates, as well as the activities of coordination, preparation and participation in the EU initiatives within the enlargement policy. In addition, it also coordinates the alignment of domestic regulations with the EU acquis, as well as the confirmation of the form, statement and the table of concordance of Montenegrin regulations with the EU acquis.

The competences of the Office also include coordination of the translation, preparation and development of the Montenegrin version of the EU acquis, as well as expert and legal approximation of the translated EU regulations. It also deals with the management of databases that support the translation process, as well as with the cooperation with EU institutions and bodies, and Montenegrin ministries and institutions in the field of translation.

A significant scope of the Office’s activities comprises the coordination of programming, monitoring, evaluating and reporting on national and regional programmes and projects supported through the EU pre-accession funds. The Office coordinates the activities of preparation and participation of Montenegro in EU cross-border and transnational cooperation programmes, implementing, moreover, a number of EU technical assistance projects within these programmes.